Babywearing Safety

While enjoying all of the benefits of babywearing it is also important to keep safety top of mind. A great place to start is by watching this newborn safety basics video. Specific safety tips for each carrier type can be found at the bottom of this page. And no matter what carrier you’re using you’ll want to keep in mind the ABCs of babywearing, as seen in this graphic from Babywearing International.

ABC's  Graphic (1).png

Our goal is for your babywearing experience to be enjoyable for both you and the child. Proper positioning not only is critical to safety for all involved, but is important for comfort as well. Your child’s optimal position will change as they grow, going from a narrow froggy position into a wider, more spread position. Having trouble achieving a comfortable, safe position with your carrier? Come check out one of our meet-ups and our educators would love to help!